Our services

Coach Birgir provides Pro Performance Training and training programs for handball players, football players, endurance athletes, and/or sports teams who want to excel in their sport and take their performance training, strength progression and athletic performance to the next level. 

All our online Pro Performance Training Programs are designed with the needs of our targeted athletes in mind and are very user-friendly and easy to follow. The programs are delivered in pdf files and supported with demonstration videos of all exercises that are to be performed in each and every training session, shown in the exact order of appearance except the cardio exercises like run, row, cycling, etc., that are not demonstrated in any of our training videos.

Our training services range from online performance training programs to completely customized training solutions for both athletes and/or Sports Teams/Clubs that want to improve their athletic performances and reduce the risk of injuries when it matters the most. 

Coach Birgir´s training solutions can be tailored to your exact needs and requirements so do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for different or more customized service options then our online Pro Performance Training Programs. 

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