Choose one of these three online training option

Are you ready to start "crushing" your fitness goals by implementing new and effective exercises and workout routines in your training?

  • Fully customized online training

    This training option will get you exactly where you want to go with your fitness and training. With daily contact, motivation, and support from Coach Birgir, you will get the results you are seeking. All exercises are tailor-made to your training needs and the progress you will experience along the way - making sure that every exercise you do, has its purpose and meaning in regards to your pre-set fitness goals. Price: 1100 DKR / 22.000 ISK / 150 Euros

  • Ready-to-use Fitness Programs

    My range of ready-to-use fitness programs offer great value for those who are experienced gym enthusiasts but would like to spice their training up with new workouts and exercises to do. Whether you are aiming for increased strength, endurance, functional fitness or workouts to do at home, with or without minimum equipment - I have the program you are looking for. Go to my training programs for more information

  • Customized Training Program

    4 weeks training program fully customized to YOU. Before we start I need information regarding your: 1. Physical status (strengths and weaknesses) and training need. 2. Training goals. 3. Your training location, and access to training equipment. In order to gain maximum results from my monthly programs, I recommend that you renew the program every month for at least 3-6 months. Price: 500 DKR / 9.900 ISK / 67 Euros

Fully Customized Online Training

This is the option for you when you have decided to prioritize YOUR health and fitness FIRST! And I will be right there with you all the way with all the support, motivation, and "push" you need in order to reach your goals. It doesn´t matter if you are training from home, outdoors, in the gym, with or without training equipment - you will succeed in reaching your fitness goals.

Ready-to-Use Fitness Programs

Are you looking for a Strength Program, Cardio Program, General Fitness Program, Sprint & Speed Program, or Home Fitness Program that is either with or without training equipment? You don´t have to look any further! Go to my training programs and check out the program selection:

Customized Programming

The perfect solution for you who are in need of a specialized program due to competition ahead, sport-specific reasons, injuries that need to be tackled, or because you are a beginner and need to take things one step at a time. Let´s talk if you are interest

    Strength & resistance training plays an integral role in all my training for increased muscular fitness, improved metabolism rate, balance, and power. It also improves functional performance, as well as bone, joint, and muscle health as we age.


    We all need cardio training on a regular basis in order to reduce health risks - especially as we get older. Cardio exercises burn fat and calories, improve our sleep quality, and expand lung capacity among many other great benefits. In my programs, I implement cardio through Intervals, Tabata workouts, AMRAP´s, EMOM´s, FARTLEK´s and many other fun & effective training formats.


    Functional power exercises with kettlebells, dumbbells or barbells are the core element in all my training programs as it is the most effective way to exercise. It boosts up strength, agility, and speed as well as improves the recovery rate