Danish Handball Player

Mikkel Obel

Danish Handball Player

Hi Coach. So now I am back to Germany, training with my team. I can really feel my improved conditioning and increased running speed which is great! Can't wait to get back on the handball field and experience the difference in my game!
Serbian Handball Player

Stanko Dimitric

Serbian Handball Player

Heey coach, everything is amazing!! I feel a lot stronger and much better prepared then past few years. The Program is awesome.
Egyptian Handball Player

Abdulrahman Sanad

Egyptian Handball Player

We started our pre-season couple a days ago. I am feeling very ahead of my teammates and so much more confident about my performance than before. Credits to U Coach Birgir!

Why Strenght & Performance Training?

If you are an athlete wanting to reach your goals, maximize your training and master your sport, the answer to the question here above is very simple; Because it is a MUST!

Injury prevention is the most important reason to follow a Strength and Performance Program as well as the fact that during high season, athletes can loose up to 35% of their lean body mass - a mass that no athlete can afford to loose when it matters the most.

Added strength in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, will in time lead to fewer injuries as well as address flexibility and strength deficits, which are crucial factors when it comes to improving performance, and power.

With our Pro Performance Training Programs as your long time training partner and armed with dedication, your chances to reach your goals and excel in your sport have never been better.
Why Strenght & Performance Training?
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  • Football

    Football is a sport that requires diverse types of physical attributes. Strength and power are the main physical attributes for a footballer, as well as aerobic and anaerobic abilities. In order to maintain strength and power, maximize performance, and reduce the risk of injuries, it is crucial for Football Players to do diverse & effective strength and performance sessions at least 1 -2 times a week.

  • Handball

    Handball is a high-intensity, body-contact sport that requires a lot of power, strength, and explosiveness. For that reason, strength & performance training is of fundamental importance for handball players in order to improve performance and power and significantly reduce the athlete's risk of injuries.

  • Endurance Sports

    Endurance athletes who do strength and performance training on regular basis, will in time increase their muscle & tendons strength, body balance, and core stability, as well as improve their oxygen efficiency. What that means, is that you will, in time, be able to sustain a faster pace for a longer time and do so while preventing injuries with more overall stabilization, proper alignment, and more flexibility in your body.

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