Efficient movements lead to improved performance

Want to reach your full potential?

Strength, agility, explosiveness, stability, stamina, and the right balance between training load and recovery are among the most crucial physical factors for every athlete.

With efficient and effective strength and performance training, correct training load, and increased movement efficiency you are able to reach further and achieve more than ever before.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours!

Focus on what you can become - not what you are

Results and improvements are not measured by how often we train or for how many hours at a time.
It is measured in the effectiveness of our training based on the training goals we have.

Training diversity, strength & muscle balance, endurance, cardio, recovery, and correct nutrition are among the factors that sum up to your ultimate fitness results. If you think your programming could benefit from our coaching methods, please take a look at our training programs or contact us for more info.

Healthy employees are your best investment

Interested in saving money while increasing the productivity?

Exercising regularly, improves employee energy, attitude, focus, presentism, engagement, and productivity.

While companies continue to search for new ways to save money and improve their balance sheet, it's a known fact that even a small change to their fitness and well-being can lead to drastic improvements in their performance and productivity. If you want to establish a healthier and more productive work environment then let us assist you.

How is our work valued?

This is what some of our customers have to say

“Hi Coach. So now I am back to Germany, training with my team. I can really feel my improved conditioning and increased running speed which is great! Can't wait to get back on the handball field and experience the difference in my game!”

Danish Professional Handball Player

Mikkel Obel

“Heey coach, everything is amazing!! I feel a lot stronger and much better prepared then past few years. The Program is awesome.”

Serbian Professional Handball Player

Stanko Dimitric

“Highly recommend Coach Birgir! His workouts and exercises are different and fun, and he has taught me to enjoy my time in the gym, which in the past has been one of my most boring thing to do!”

Icelandic Professional Football Player

Runar Alex Runarsson

“My experience with Coach Birgir has been fantastic. I love that his service is so much more than just "normal" personal training. He is also very personal and makes sure that my load is always correct and in balance, which is very important for a professional athlete like myself. The best part of my journey with Birgir is seeing my weaknesses gradually becoming my strengths while also pushing my strengths to the max.”

Icelandic Professional Football Player

Kristrun Antonsdottir

“Whether the focus is on overcoming small injuries here and there - that always come up in my field of sport - or prepare me physically and mentally for a game, Coach Birgir´s coaching is always spot on due to his great knowledge and experience as a trainer. The program and workouts are always fresh and diverse so I never get bored.”

Danish Professional Handball Player

Mads Mensah

“I am now able to run longer distances, run more, and run faster than before I started working with Coach Birgir. My confidence as a runner has increased greatly because I can feel how my physical strength has increased significantly as well as my endurance and recovery.”