My goal is simple; to support, motivate and push you - all the way to the top

My service ranges from fully personalized online training to ready-to-use sport specific training programs. No option is better than the other - it just depends on how good you are in being your own boss in the gym and do what needs to be done without motivation and/or continuous feedback from your coach. Not just when things are going well but also during the rough times when nothing seems to be falling your way. For many Athletes that is the biggest challenge and for that reason it can be "a make or brake" to work with a coach who is there to support and guide you everyday - all the way - no matter what!

Fully customized online training

For the Athletes who have decided to go all the way! This is the most effective training alternative we offer our Athletes.  Daily communication, motivation, and planning that are designed around your energy levels, training load, and other important factors that influence you from day to day.  Continuously diverse workouts, exercises and training methods that challenge you in a new way and prevent you from injuries and/or burnout.  Videos of all exercises.  Up to 5 training sessions a week that boost up your performance and self-confident.  All sessions designed according to your training facilities and on-site equipments at all times.  Regular monitoring of results with fitness tests/challenges.  Ongoing nutritional guidelines (if desired). Price: 1500 DKR / 30.000 ISK / 200 Euros

4 weeks of Strength and Performance training that will push you like never before

Customized Pro Strength & Performance Training Program - tailored to your sport specific needs and training requirements . What I need in order to design and deliver YOUR training program is: 1. Information about your physical status (strengths and weaknesses) and training needs. 2. Your training goals. 3. Your training load for the month ahead. 4. Your training location, and access to training equipment. Based on that, I will design a 4 weeks Strength and Performance Training Program for you to follow and gain. In order to really benefit and gain maximum results from your effort and training, I recommend that you renew your training program every month for at least 3-6 months. Price: 500 DKR / 9.900 ISK / 67 Euros

Ready-to-Use Sport Specific Training Programs

Diverse 4-8 weeks Ready-to-Use Online Training Programs that offer effective, fun and easy way to train for improved performance. All the programs tailored to your specific sport as well as your current training period (pre-season/during season), and/or preferred field of training like: strength/mobility, body-weight, speed/explosiveness, etc.) I have you covered. All my programs have been tried and tested by myself and numerous Athletes in your sport, to guarantee you the results you are aiming for.