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Every sport has its own unique way of training with a lot of repetitive movements and exercises that can lead to overused muscles and sometimes injuries due to imbalanced muscle use and load.  The more the sports specialization is - the more vital it becomes for athletes and teams to follow a strength and performance program that strengthens supporting muscles, evens out muscle imbalance, corrects posture, stabilizes joints, teaches new movement patterns, increases condition, and more. For that reason and strength and performance program is not just strength and performance program. It has to be designed with specific goals in mind (for both the team as a whole and each and every player), it has to be periodized with the gaming/training load of each period in mind, and you have to be able to measure its effectiveness over time.  

If you are seeking a Strength and Performance Coach for your Team on a fixed contract or on a program to program basis, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Just click the button here below and we´ll take it from there!

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These are the solutions I have to offer:

There are many ways to implement Strength & Performance Training into a teams ongoing training.

  • Full or Partial Position as Strength & Performance Coach with your Team or Sports Club

  • Development and control of your Team´s Strength & Performance Programs on a Season-to-Season basis - with or without a pre-decided visits for fitness tests, measurements and follow-ups on program results and effectiveness.

  • Mini-courses, courses, lectures, training camps or other platforms were I either coach or teach the club staff, the team players or others about strength and performance training and why it is so important to set clear goals and strategy concerning it in every team and club.

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