to hear what some of the worlds best athletes have to say about our pro performance training programs? All our online pro performance training programs have been tested and tried on athletes like yourself and are constantly being valued by many professional handball players, football players and runners from all over the world.
Professional Handball Player at Rhein-Necker Löwen<br> and the Danish National Team.

Mads Mensah

Professional Handball Player at Rhein-Necker Löwen
and the Danish National Team.

„I have worked with Coach Birgir since beginning of 2017 and have been really happy with our co-work. I am in much better shape than I was when I started, and my workouts are always based on my physical needs and requirements.

The program is always fresh and diverse, constantly pushing me forward with new exercises and/or workout routines so I never get bored. Coach Birgir is really good at keeping contact and following up on my physical day to day status and customize all my training based on that.

Whether the focus is on overcoming small injuries here and there that always come up in my field of sport or prepare the mind and body for a game, Coach Birgir´s training is always spot on due to his great knowledge and experience as a trainer.“
Professional Football Player at Diijon Football Club <br>and the Icelandic National Team.

Rúnar Alexander Rúnarsson

Professional Football Player at Diijon Football Club
and the Icelandic National Team.

“I contacted Coach Birgir with the aim to increase my base strength and gain the extra strength needed to excel.

It is safe to say that our co-work has been nothing but amazing! With his expertise and assistance, my recovery has improved significantly and my overall physical form is as good as it can be. I am also more focused and prepared to give it my all in every game, knowing that my body can handle it.

His workouts and exercises are very diverse and fun, and he has taught me to enjoy my time in the gym, which before was one of my most boring thing to do. I am extremely satisfied with my time and cowork with Coach Birgir and look forward to continuing that in the future”.
Ultra Marathon <br>and Mountain Marathon Runner

Hafdís Guðrún Hilmarsdóttir

Ultra Marathon
and Mountain Marathon Runner

„Since I started Coach Birgir´s PERFORMANCE PRO ATHLETE online training, where the focus has been on increasing overall strength and making my body more prepared for long distance, high intensity mountain runs, I have experienced great improvements, especially regarding my endurance and recovery.

I am now able to run longer distances, run more and run faster than before, and I am enjoying my precompetition periods more than ever. My strengthening workouts, that I do three times a week, are all tailored to my running exercises and aimed to increase my running strength and endurance.

I am now much more confident in all my running’s because I can feel how my physical strength has increased significantly since starting my co-work with Coach Birgir."